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april 2002 | traffick. The Right Way to Improve Link Popularity. Five Tips for Improving Link Popularity.

April, 2002 | traffick. Why Yahoo Is No Longer Good. "On clean, functional, non-banana-hiding pages, especially those associated with search engines like Google, 0.5% CTR's are common, and 2% clickthru rates are not uncommon."

March, 2002 | microcontent news. Google Time Bomb - Will Weblogs blow up the world's favorite search engine?. Comprehensive summary of the Google bombing phenomenon.

March, 2002 | Keith Henson. "Scientology" as a search phrase analyzed by the VisIT softare. The Church of Scientology's Supremacy over the search term "Scientology" on Google.

February, 2002 | The Register. Google gives its twist on pay-per-click. Not much hope for Overture, then.

January, 2002 | Guardian. Seeking search engine perfection. Smart, fast, free - but now Google faces competition.

December, 2001 | Pandia. Yahoo! introduces recurring annual fee for web directory listing. Commercial sites paying Yahoo! to get listed in the popular Web directory must now pay an annual fee of US$ 299 to keep their listing.

Novermber, 2001 | Pandia. Google tests voting toolbar. The company is now testing a special version of their toolbar that lets surfers vote for the sites they are visiting.

Novermber, 2001 | Cooking the search engine books. While still a relatively new stock-in-trade, the web's increasing commercial clout, combined with belated recognition of the search engine as the online world's most critical tool, are together making SEO one of the fastest growing new niches in the internet economy.

November, 2001 | ecommerce times. Yahoo! Expands Sponsored Searches. on Yahoo's main search page, Internet users will see both the company's own keyword matches, compiled by Yahoo! staffers, and the top five paid listings from Overture

October, 2001 | Traffick. Overture Makes Graceful Exit from "Search Engine" Business - Overture has done well to ride a rather narrow idea, backed by next to zero unique technology, as far as it has.

October, 2001 | pandia. Fast expands in Europe. The Norwegian search engine company Fast conquers new search avenues in Europe.

August, 2001 |Search Engine Guide. The Evolution of Search Engine Marketing. For those fortunate enough to have attended the Search Engine Strategies 2001 Conference in San Francisco a few weeks ago, the evolution of search engine marketing couldn't be clearer.

August, 2001 | Search Engine Guide. LookSmart Not A Necessity "Many of you have heard me speak poorly of LookSmart over the past year or so, and perhaps I should explain my beef with them once and for all."

September, 2001 | Designing Web Ads Using Click-Through Data (Alertbox Sept. 2001). Search engine ads are one type of Web advertising that can actually work.

August, 2001 | CNET. Search start-ups seek Google's throne. Web darling Google has some fresh competition: a pair of start-ups aiming to improve on its immensely popular recipe for serving fast, relevant search results untainted by pay-for-placement listings.

Julj, 2001 | mooloo. New search engine Teoma, runs rings around Google. Even though I like Google very much and couldn't dream of switching to another search site a week ago, from now on I'll be using Teoma

July, 2001 | Traffick. Traffic Without Trying - 5 Principles for Smarter Search Engine Marketing. Something strange has been happening to the owners of web sites lately. Maybe it's been happening to you. They're getting traffic without even trying.

June, 2001 | Search Engine Guide. The Future of Search Engine Optimizing. If you've been following the evolution of search engine optimization strategies, you know that the game's not getting any easier.

June, 2001 | Pandia. AltaVista Launches Express Inclusion Plan. AltaVista follows in the footsteps of Inktomi and Fast and introduces a new paid inclusion service. Pandia discusses the pros and cons of paid submissions.

June, 2001 | InternetNews. Shootout Brewing Between Paid Search Engines. LookSmart is revamping its offerings to cash in on paid listings and to go head-to-head with the market leader,

June, 2001 | traffic. FAST Search Targets Enterprise Clients and Mid-Range Webmasters with Site Search Products. FAST Search has made some recent announcements which indicate that its focus will increasingly be on the enterprise and middle-range site search market.

June, 2001 | Salon. Google go-go. While other search engines sputter and fail, Monika Henzinger, Google's director of research, has an answer to every query.

June, 2001 | SEWatch. Can Portals Resist The Dark Side?. Two more search engines -- iWon and -- have shifted over to using paid placement listings. This follows the similar move that made in March.

April 2001 | Search Engine Traffic to Useit. Statistics for Traffic Referred by Search Engines and Navigation Directories to Useit...Google now dominates Internet search

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