Online Marketing Checklist

Most of what you need to know about online marketing (without the painful details).

Updated January 15, 2011

Web statistics

  • Page views: how many pages on average are viewed each day;
  • Visits: how many individual visits are made to your website (a normal ratio is 2-3 page views per visit);
  • Referrers: which are the top sites sending you traffic each month;
  • Search terms: what kinds of searches are finding your site.

Enquiries and sales

  • How many enquiries are coming directly from your website;
  • How many sales are coming directly from your website;
  • How are new customers finding your website?


  • Decide on the keywords that you are targeting on your website;
  • Keep keywords in mind when writing copy for your site;
  • Pay particular attention to the wording of page titles;
  • Make sure home page copy reflects the key content on your site;
  • Modify home page copy regularly, particularly the title.

Links from other sites

  • Reciprocal links: link to partner websites and request a link in return;
  • Directories: start with and look for other suitable directory listings.


  • Google Adwords: Use it as a benchmark for other paid listings;
  • Other pay-per-click services, such as espotting and overture;
  • Paid links in directories, such as Yahoo;
  • Paid links from other websites;
  • Keep monitoring the cost and do your best to measure the benefits.

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