The Ruby Programming Language

There are many Ruby users, but most of them don't speak English, so a lot of the documentation in unavailable to anglophones (now we know how the rest of the world feels). This is probably going to change now that David Thomas and Andrew Hunt have become apostles. There follow a few links that may be useful to kanji illiterates.

The Ruby Home Page
Programming Ruby - the first book in English, by Thomas and Hunt
why's (poignant) guide to Ruby
Programming in Ruby - an introductory article by Thomas and Hunt for Dr. Dobb's Journal, January 2001
Ruby Central - FAQ, Library ref and other useful stuff; maintained by Thomas and Hunt
The Ruby Language FAQ maintained by Thomas and Hunt (who else?)
Perl Cookbook examples in Ruby
Ruby on dmoz
Thirty-seven Reasons I Love Ruby
ruby/Tk examples in English, unlike the faq :(
NQXML - a pure Ruby implementation of a non-validating XML processor

March 15, 2004